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Euro Caltech, a subsidiary of the EurocaltechTech Group, is a leading provider of calibration services in the UAE since 2022. They offer tool calibration, pressure calibration, temperature calibration, and humidity calibration to various industries, including oil and gas, food and beverage, power plants, construction, manufacturing, marine, healthEuro Caltech Calibration Capabilities, Cable tensiometer verification, pull tests, torque multipliers, torque screwdrivers, torque wrench calibration, torque equipment, torque ratchet, pneumatic torque wrench, vernier calipers, roughness instruments calibration, dial indicators, tape measures, laser measurements, fiber tape measurements, measuring tape, gauge blocks, length standards, pitch micrometer standards, vernier depth gauge, vernier height gauge, analog and digital calipers, hand-held laser distance meters, angle measurement instruments, and more are all essential for accurate measurement. Other models from leading manufacturers include clamp meter calibration, contour probe calibration, decade box calibration, decade resistance calibration, decade capacitance calibration, frequency counter calibration, high resistance meter calibration, hi-pot calibration, voltage calibration, high voltage tester calibration, CT calibration, 10kV insulation tester calibration, light/lux meters calibration, meg Ohmmeter calibration, multimeter calibration, oscilloscope calibration, power supply calibration, high voltage detector calibration, multimeter calibration, high current test set, and more.This summary covers various types of calibration for various instruments, including power meters, welding machines, RCL meters, shunts, standard resistors, tachometers, tong meters, wattmeters, data loggers, chart recorders, counters/timers, earth testers, flash testers, insulation testers, high voltage testers, frequency counters, frequency generators, high voltage probes, power quality analyzers, primary and secondary injection test sets, PAT testers, loop testers, RCD testers, electronic tachometers, voltage calibrators, continuity testers, current calibrators, multi-function testers, pressure equipment calibration, manometers and differential pressure instruments, temperature controllers, and thermocouple calibration. It also covers oven/furnace uniformity surveys, psychrometer calibration, pyrometer calibration, recorder calibration, temperature and humidity tests, system accuracy tests, temperature controllers/digital readout calibration, and thermocouple calibratioThis document covers various calibration methods for various instruments, including dry bath heaters, thermometers, thermometers, surface thermometers, infrared thermometers, digital thermometers, dial thermometers, metal stem thermometers, ice bath thermometers, pocket thermometers, NIST thermometers, glass thermometers, baby thermometers, medical thermometers, non-contact thermometers, wall thermometers, room thermometers, probe thermometers, analog thermometers, dual sensor thermometers, mercury thermometers, laboratory thermometers, food thermometers, kitchen thermometers, contact thermometers, base metal thermometers, noble metal thermometers, thermal cameras, on-site chillers and freezers, hot and cold cabinets, PRT thermometers, triple point thermometers, hygrometers, dataloggers, pyrometers, recorders, humidity, test chambers, environmental chambers, dry and wet bulb thermometers, heat stress meters, humidity sensors, humidity meters, environmental meters, thermo-hygrometers, lab balances, lab scales, analytical balances, Sartorius scales, electronic weighing scales, weight sets, mass sets, and test weight calibration.pH & Water Quality Calibration,Types of pH & Water Quality Equipment,We offer calibration on the following water quality instruments, conductivity equipment and pH meters:Water Quality Meters,Water Quality Meter,Water Quality Tester,Water Test Meter,Multiparameter,Water MonitorWater Testing Meter,Conductivity Instruments,Conductivity Simulator,Conductivity Meter,Conductivity Tester,Electrical Conductivity Meter,EC Meter,Resistivity Meter,TDS Meter,Digital Conductivity Meter,Benchtop Conductivity Meter,Conductometer, pH Meters,pH Tester,Dissolved Oxygen Meter,Waterproof pH Meter,Digital pH Meter,pH Bench Meter,Portable pH Meter,pH Electrode,pH Sensor,Soil pH Meter,Soil pH Tester,ORP Meter,ORP Analyser,ORP Monitor,ORP Sensor,pH Probes,pH Probe,pH Pen,,Portable Meters (912, 913, 914)Portable Meters (912, 913, 914)Robust portable pH meters, conductivity meters, and combined oxygen meters for use in the field or in the lab.780/781 pH/ion meters780/781 pH/ion meters,780 pH Meter and 781 pH/Ion Meter: the instruments of choice for pH, ORP, and ion concentration measurements 867/856 Modules867/856 Modules,High-end modules for customized pH, ion, and conductivity measurement.780/781 pH/ion metersHQ4300 Portable Multi-Meter, pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), ORP, and ISE, 3 channels, w/o electrodes, Hach instruments

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