Ditch Witch Middle East - Head Office - HDD Directional Drills -Trenchers -Plows

Ditch Witch Middle East - Head Office - HDD Directional Drills -Trenchers -Plows
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  • Trenchless Technology

           HDD Horizontal Directional Drills

           Underground Construction Equipment

Within the family-operated Ditch Witch organization is the family of horizontal directional drilling systems, designed and built by Ditch Witch engineers to work together with unbeatable efficiency. Components include the drilling rig, fluid management systems, the drill pipe itself, and integrated electronics that enable the tracker operator to disable power to the drilling unit’s thrust and rotation. As families go, Ditch Witch directional drilling systems are the most functional in the underground construction industry.


  • Electronic Guidance Systems
Knowing where to drill, and where not to, is as important as using the right drill pipe or fluid mixture. That’s why Ditch Witch electronic guidance systems are integrated with every Ditch Witch horizontal directional drilling unit. They are essential to our total systems approach to directional drilling.
  • Utility Locators

Before you can trench, drill, plow or excavate, you have to know if the coast is clear. Ditch Witch locating equipment is your window to the underground. If there are buried telephone, CATV, power, gas or water lines, there are Ditch Witch locating systems that will help you identify what and where they are. From our lightweight, hand-held units to our sophisticated ground penetrating radar, Ditch Witch locating systems help improve your efficiency, and more importantly, your safety.

  • Vaccuum Excavation

Designed to take care of all types of spills and unwanted fluids, Ditch Witch vacuum excavation systems are the most productive and versatile on the market. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, Ditch Witch vacs offer exceptional suction power and water pressure to help you tackle virtually every possible cleanup or soft excavation task. From valve box cleanup, commercial and residential landscaping, and posthole digging, to a wide range of projects for road crews, rental yards, homeowners and golf course superintendents, the FX20, FX25, FX30 and FX60 take care of the job. And if you’re looking for the safest way to verify the location of utilities, look no further than Ditch Witch vacs.

  • Trenchers for Cables & Pipes

Ditch Witch walk-behind vibratory plows build upon the company’s worldwide reputation of innovation and efficiency. Today's Ditch Witch walk-behind vibratory plows lead their respective horsepower classes in power, performance, durability and ease of use, enabling you to install utilities and water lines faster and more efficiently than ever before.

More power. More productivity. More speed. Simply put, the Zahn®is the most efficient brand of underground construction equipment available today. With their power, compact size, and superior articulating ability, Zahn trenchers and vibratory plows can install utilities around swimming pools, buildings or gardens with uncanny speed and efficiency. The Zahn transcends ordinary performance and enters a new realm of trenching and plowing.

Seated in the remarkably roomy operator stations of these powerful, compact machines, you'll appreciate the undisturbed view of the work in front, behind, and beside you. Because you won't want to miss a moment of the spectacular performances of Ditch Witch compact ride-on trenchers and vibratory plows.

It's a big world, and a big world demands a big, powerful machine to civilize it. Ditch Witch heavy-duty tracked and wheeled trenchers can take whatever nature throws in their path.


The best construction equipment deserves the best support—the philosophy that guides Ditch Witch. Ditch Witch is your source for everything you need, from the equipment that best suits your application to the superior parts and expert service that keep your equipment in optimal performance condition.


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